2021 PSV Spring Meeting | February 19 - 21, 2021


How do I increase the volume for the video stream?
There is a volume control in the bottom right of the video window. Look for the blue bars.  You may also adjust the volume on your computer.  In the bottom right select the speaker and change your current speaker playback device.

When will the link for the livestream be available?
The livestream link will be available just before the start of the sessions on the day of the meeting. 

How do I access the live sessions?
In order to view the livestream of the pre-recorded lectures and the live Q&A, click the Program & Schedule tab in the blue band across the top. Find the Log in on the left side of your screen and enter the email address you used to register for the meeting.  To view the video window, select the link that says, “View the Livestream”. Please be sure to log in early to familiarize yourself with the Mobile Meeting Guide and its features. Each session will start with a live introduction of the speakers followed by the livestream of their pre-recorded lectures or live speaker presentation. Each lecture will have a live Q&A if time allows.

How do I claim CME?
Click the Evaluations & CME tab in the blue band across the top of the Mobile Meeting Guide. Log in with the email address you used to register for the meeting.  You will be directed to the APA website to complete evaluations and claim CME.  You must claim CME within 60 days of the meeting conclusion.  CME will cannot be obtained after April 20, 2021.

How can I best view the meeting?
Tips for Successful Meeting Viewing HERE

How can I ask the speaker a question?
While viewing the pre-recorded lectures, we encourage meeting attendees to use the “Ask the Speaker” feature. 


You may submit questions as follows:

  1. Open LIVE stream window to access the Ask the Speaker function for each session.
  2. Submit your questions DURING the session – don’t wait for the Q&A!
  3. Moderators will select questions to be answered live Q&A discussion.  Speakers will address any quesitons not answered within 48 hours of meeting conclusion. 
  4. Click “like” if you would like to “upvote” questions.

PLEASE do NOT use the Chat function to submit questions for the speakers as the moderators will not be monitoring the Chat. 

How can I chat with other meeting attendees?
Click the Attendees Corner tab in the purple band across the top of the Mobile Meeting GuidePrivate messages can be sent and received through the Messages option in the Attendee's Corner in the Mobile Meeting Guide.


Can I view the meeting on-demand to claim CME?
No, the meeting must be viewed in real time to claim CME.  On-demand viewing will not be available.