Hotel Reservations

Meeting Hotel:

Stonewall Jackson Hotel
24 S Market Street
Staunton, Virginia 24401


Hotel Reservations:
Call the Stonewall Jackson at 540-885-4848 and mention PSV when making a reservation.
At this time the hotel is near capacity.  A list of alternative hotels nearby is provided for your use should you be unable to secure a room at the meeting hotel.


The Blackburn Inn - 504-712-0601

Quality Inn and Suites - 520-257-3098

Holiday Inn and Suites - 540-248-6020


Parking at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel:
As you arrive at the hotel, there will be Traffic Managers directing traffic.  Let the Traffic Manager know that you are attending a meeting at the Stonewall Jackson hotel. 
Once parked, visit the hotel front desk or the PSV registration desk to receive a parking pass that must be displayed on your car.
There will be a $6.00 per day charge for parking in the Parking Garage. Guests who are staying the night can have this added to their room bill and use their room key to exit the garage. Guests who are travelling and do not have a room can pay the $6.00 with Quarters, $5.00 bills, or $1.00 bills as they exit the garage.
For those arriving on Saturday, plan to arrive early to avoid traffic from the Mischief and Magic Festival that will be going on at the same time in the streets of Staunton.  




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