Join us in Richmond for the PSV 2016 Spring Meeting!

Varun Choudhary, MDWe would like to welcome you to a visionary program that will help you gain an understanding of the current trends in health care reform and the implications for the future. A group of experts in the field will guide you through the convoluted labyrinth of our health care delivery system to help you become aware of the changes pertinent to your practice.

You will learn about clinical advances in the field of psychiatric genomics and the impact this will have in mental health treatment modalities. You will learn the importance of a trauma-informed care perspective and how this will improve patient rapport and the therapeutic alliance. You will get an overview of the metrics and data collected to analyze outcomes measures and their importance in payment reimbursement models. You will get a technology update to understand the importance of telemedicine in the advancement of access and management of care. Our current commissioner of mental health will give you an overview of the advancements in the Commonwealth's behavioral healthcare delivery system and the improvements to expect as a result of the reform movement.

So come one, come all and be enlightened by this gift of knowledge.

Varun Choudhary, MD, DFAPA
PSV President

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